Terry Buffalo Ware picture of Ware playing guitar whammy bar

Terry Buffalo Ware and the Shambles

My sometimes instrumental combo. We play many of my original compositions as well as covers by The Ventures, Los Straitjackets, Booker T and Frank Zappa among others. We've got reverb and we're not afraid to use it. The Shambles are Bob French, guitar and mandolin, Gregg Standridge, guitar, Dennis Borycki and/or T.Z. Wright, keyboards, Marlin Butcher, bass, and Michael McCarty, drums. Former and guest Shambles have included Mark McCarty, percussion, Susan Hyde Holmes, bass, Dan Duggin, keyboards and accordion, Don Conoscenti, guitar, John Fullbright, harmonica and accordion, Dean Brown, drums, the late Steve Grunder, bass, and the late Ray VanHooser, drums.

The Shambles at Norman Music Festival 2014 YouTube

The Shambles Past and Present

Terry Buffalo Ware - photo by Rusty Muns
Terry Buffalo Ware

Bob French - photo by Rusty Muns
Bob French

Gregg Standridge - photo by Rusty Muns
Gregg Standridge

Marlin Butcher - photo by Rusty Muns
Marlin Butcher

T.Z. Wright
T.Z. Wright

Michael McCarty - photo by Rusty Muns
Michael McCarty

Dennis Borycki
Dennis Borycki

Ray VanHooser
Ray VanHooser

John Fullbright-photo by Vicki Farmer
John Fullbright

Mark McCarty - photo by Rusty Muns
Mark McCarty

susan Hyde Holmes
Susan Hyde Holmes

Dan Duggin
Dan Duggin

Don Conoscenti
Don Conoscenti

Dean Brown - photo by Jim Dirden
Dean Brown

Steve Grunder